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Marimba Magic
1437 Taunton Street,
Victoria, B.C. Canada
Phone: (250) 370-0739
E-mail: sales@marimbamagic.com

It's easier than you may think! Learn interlocking rhythms and melodies on marimbas as well as supporting percussion. Traditional and contemporary music of Zimbabwe is taught.

No background in music theory is necessary. Shona music is taught through observation, listening and playing, similar to the way music is taught in Africa.

Try an introductory workshop! Learn one of the pieces Marimba Muzuva plays. Instruments are provided for those who need them. Class size is limited to 10. Ongoing workshops can be arranged to learn more pieces, develop playing techniques, improvisation, and receive an understanding of the music structure.

"Not only is marimba music bringing joy to our community, it's so inspiring to be playing our own handmade instruments! I would recommend Rick to other communities, his is a great instructor!"
  Laurie Steffler
Hornby Island, B.C.

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