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Marimba Magic
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'Marimba' literally means 'voice of wood'. Marimbas -in the xylophone family- have wooden keys mounted above resonators to amplify the sound. Resonators made from PVC pipe have cellophane covered holes to produce a lively hum. These marimbas are tuned to the C major scale. Soprano and tenors have over two octaves while the larger baritone and the big bass have just over one. These instruments are compatible with Orff instruments and can be combined for ensemble playing and back-up percussion.

Yew Soprano

Wood Used  
Padauk is a West African hardwood with rich oxblood colouring that's as distinctive in appearance as it is in its clear tonal qualities. It continues to be the most popular wood used on sopranos and tenors and remains consistent in sound quality and durability. (approx $9/bd ft)

Sepele mahogany is the best choice for baritone and bass instruments. It is a flexible and durable wood with deep, rich tones. (approx $8/bd ft)

Wenge is a very distinctive looking hardwood, with a rich brown (almost black) heartwood. It has clear, resonant tonal qualities and is consistent in sound quality and durability. This wood is often chosen for its sustained notes and is best for tenors, sopranos or baritones. (approx $14/bd ft)

Western Yew, from British Columbia, has rich, warm tonal qualities with a lovely resonant sound. Its knotty grain and interesting colours make it one of the more striking instruments. (approx $8/bd ft)

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